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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Seven Hills Foundation and Affiliates seek the advice and counsel of colleagues in the human services field, members of the communities we serve, business leaders, legislators, families, employees, and participants in our programs to guide the mission of the organization. The Governing Board of Directors is led by an Executive Committee, with a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Clerk, and two Members-at-Large. The Board of Directors ensures effective planning and monitoring of the programs and services of the organization.  The Board works to ensure that adequate financial resources and proper financial oversight is in place throughout the organization and that legal and ethical integrity and human rights are at the forefront of every decision.


Board of Directors

In photo left to right:

Marianne Rogers

Melvin Gordon, Secretary/Clerk

Deborah Needleman

Maureen Binienda

Claire Swan

Not available for photo:

John Healy

John Altomare, Esq., Chair

Dr. David Jordan

Charles Austin

Jeanne Antonucci

Charles Conroy

Robert Mahar, Treasurer

Dr. David Paydarfar

Frances Polito

John Prosser

Brian Forts, Esq., Vice Chair


Seven Hills Foundation is also supported by an Advisory Board of Trustees that bring additional expertise and guidance to the Board of Directors and Senior Leadership of the organization.  The Advisory Board of Trustees currently has 71 members serving three-year terms.

Seven Hills Foundation also supports four sub-committees, focusing on distinct areas of operation ensuring oversight, quality and adherence to the mission of the organization.


Clinical & Program Services, Deborah J. Needleman, Chair

Human Rights, Melvin P. Gordon, Chair

Finance, Robert L. Mahar, Chair

Philanthropy & Community Relations, Jeanne Antonucci, Chair

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