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23 2022

An Interview with Sophie Kolchin-Miller, LICSW, Seven Hills Behavioral Health

An Interview with Sophie Kolchin-Miller, LICSW, Seven Hills Behavioral Health

Posted by Seven Hills Foundation
Aug 23, 2022
Posted by Seven Hills Foundation

Sophie Introducing Sophie Kolchin-Miller LICSW, Assistant Director, Outpatient Behavioral Health, Seven Hills Behavioral Health.

"My favorite part about my job is getting to witness and be a part of the transformation of people, both the healing of my clients, and the professional and personal growth of the clinicians I supervise. "

What made you want to be a clinician? 

"I always wanted to empower and help people. I decided that one-on-one relational work was the best way for me to offer my skills to make a difference."  

Why did you decide to work for Seven Hills? 

"September it will be 10 years I have been with YOU, Inc. What has kept me working for YOU, Inc., and now Seven Hills, is the mentorship, the community of colleagues, and the dedication to providing high quality clinical care." 

What skills have you learned at Seven Hills? 

"All different kinds of skills. At first I was really focused on clinical skills, then I learned a lot of supervision skills, and then in the past few years my focus has been more on leadership and management skills." 

What is your clinical specialty? What ages do you work with? 

"I would say my clinical specialty is mostly doing trauma and attachment work. I also specialize in psychodynamic psychotherapy. I work with a wide range of ages, my youngest client was 7 and oldest was in their late 60s, but my sweet spot is definitely teenagers and adults." 

What is the best way to reduce mental health stigma? 

"Definitely talking about it. The way people are comfortable talking about preventative measures for physical health, or when you have a physical health issue, there is no shame in getting it checked out.  When I supervise young clinicians, who may have never been in their own therapy, I am always telling them that I have done work in my own therapy. It helps you be a better human and a better therapist. Talking about mental health and being open is the best way to reduce the stigma." 


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