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Palson Group Home

At Stetson School

Stetson Intensive Group Home 1:3

Palson Group Home at Stetson School is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care to serve males ages 9 to 18. Our services are designed to improve youth and families functioning, diminish obstacles preventing youth’s transition to the community, and eradicate high risk behaviors.

We engage a relational approach to treatment to support each youth to overcome fundamental attachment disruptions by fostering healthy relationships and functional attachment styles. Each youth receives group and individual instructions in age appropriate social skills, anger and conflict management, coping skills, and daily or independent living skills as well as supported opportunities to practice new skills in the milieu and community. Through individual, group, and family therapy we teach each youth to engage in healthy expression, to recognize and overcome the impact of past trauma and adversity, and to avoid behavior that harms himself or others. We provide individualized behavioral support, safe behavior plans, and behavior management for youth while they increase their ability to self regulate by engaging in adaptive and functional coping skills. We provide specialized treatment, such as increased awareness of substance abuse, sexual behavior treatment, treatment for cognitively limited or developmentally challenged youth, consistent with each youth's specific activities of treatment detailed in his treatment plans.  

Intensive Group Home Educational Services

Youth appropriate for Group Home 1:3 services are typically not able to safely manage independent community access and require a high level of supervision, behavioral support and structure to develop self regulation skills to reduce the frequency and intensity of behaviors that place themselves or others at risk of harm.  Youth in the Intensive Group Home require out of family home placement and are not able to manage independently in the community, yet have been assessed by their sending school district to be able to attend school in the community.  
Stetson is committed to supporting each youth in having a successful and meaningful school experience.  Stetson recognizes the importance of a safe and supportive school environment, and as such, we teach our youth how to engage in appropriate school-based social behavior, anger management skills, and conflict resolution skills to help them contribute to the maintenance of an environment that is conducive to learning.

Intensive Group Home Youth Profile

  • Male youth ages 9-18.
  • Youth who cannot reside in a family home and also cannot manage independently in the community but are able to attend a separate school as determined by their LEA.
  • Youth with sexual behavior problems, youth who show behaviors related to trauma and /or have experienced domestic violence.
  • Youth whose conduct in a family home included non-compliance and high risk behaviors.
  • Youth at risk or active with substance use and abuse
  • Youth with cognitive limitations, and/or diagnosed as high functioning on the Autism spectrum.
  • Symptoms exhibited by this population include: sexually abusive / inappropriate behavior, socially withdrawn, oppositional / rule breaking behaviors, depression, agitation, or mood swings, interpersonal aggression, runaway, socially inappropriate, substance abuse, and history of fire setting.
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