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The Pascale Family

Sharing Lives, Fulfilling Dreams

Meet the Pascale Family and Christopher

The Pascale family and Christopher

As a leader in creative solutions, Seven Hills is forging the way to provide alternatives to traditional residential service models for people with disabilities, and seniors. One model of support is Shared Living, which allows an individual to become part of a family unit in someone’s home. With hundreds of Shared Living matches, Seven Hills is a premier supporter of this movement.

Tammy Pascale has been a Seven Hills Shared Living Provider for five years, and also provides respite care to families. Christopher came into her family when he turned 22 three years ago.  Chris’s long-time medical issues deemed it medically necessary for him to have a trach and a feeding tube. “My family and I were with Chris every step of the way,” said Pascale.
“We learned to manage all of his medical needs and now he has gained 30 much-needed pounds and is doing really well.” Chris still stays connected with his own family, enjoying visits with his mother and brother each week. His twin brother, Cory, also receives respite and often spends a weekend with Chris in the Pascale home, keeping the young men close and bonded.

“The common thread of all of our Seven Hills Providers is that they are, at the core, caregivers.  Many have had experience caring for a family member with a disability or a senior, and realize the reciprocal benefits of the relationship,” said Leslie Courtney, Vice President at Seven Hills. Tammy Pascale emphasized this point, exclaiming, “Chris is part of our family! The way he laughs and loves life—we love him!”

At Seven Hills, we have the right fit for just about everyone. With so many residential options—from Group Homes to Shared Living, Adult Family Care, and individual supports—each individual can choose the best option to access the community and pursue their personal interests.

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