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Mental Health Counseling - Rhode Island

Behavioral Health

Seven Hills of Rhode Island provides Enhanced Outpatient Services to children, adolescents, and adults who are at risk of transitioning to a higher level of care or are transitioning out of residential or hospital placement into a lower level of care. The focus of Enhanced Outpatient Services services is to stabilize families by addressing safety concerns, quality of life issues, skill acquisition, transition planning, and addressing other interfering behaviors and barriers to treatment. The Enhanced Outpatient Services clinical team will simultaneously develop and strengthen the skills of the guardians while helping the client develop coping skills and communicate more effectively.

Enhanced Outpatient Services  services may be provided seven days a week and with fluctuating hours which are based on the needs of the individuals receiving services. These services may occur in the home, community, and office and may include coordination with other providers, medical appointments, school meetings, etc.

The Enhanced Outpatient Services clinical team will consist of a clinician and behavior specialist who will work together to provide mental health and behavioral supports to empower families and improve client skills. The Enhanced Outpatient Services clinical team will be available for consultation, emergency services, and intakes via an emergency services line which will be monitored by a clinician at all times.

Seven Hills is credentialed to bill all Rhode Island insurers including Medicaid, Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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