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For over 60 years, this growing organization, Seven Hills Foundation and Affiliates, has been welcoming families and helping to enrich the lives of their loved ones with disabilities and other life challenges. If you believe in a world where all people are valued, respected and dignified, then I invite you to partner with us at Seven Hills. Together, we will continue to uplift the lives of people of all abilities.

16 2017

Recent Staff Visit

By Dr. David A. Jordan

Recent Staff Visit

This week I had the pleasure of continuing to visit with staff accross Massachusetts and Rhode Island, meeting with staff members at homes in Gardner and Templeton. It was so impressive to hear the passion and love of their work from the two teams, who honestly shared their successes and struggles in providing care to the individuals they support. One of our staff member’s daughters I also had the pleasure of having as a student in a class I taught at Clark University, who is now pursuing a career in health care.

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